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A boon for Asheboro is the downtown Bicentennial Park. This was the scene at July’s Fleetwood Mac tribute concert.  Ray Criscoe / Randolph Hub

Land development plan survey results

ASHEBORO –  The results of a recent Land Development Plan survey were made public by Justin Luck, Planning and Zoning administrator, at the January meeting of the Asheboro City Council.


The City of Asheboro has been working with the Piedmont Triad Regional Council to update the 2020 Land Development Plan, first adopted in 2000. The purpose of the updated plan is to guide the city’s future growth and land development.


A total of 309 individuals took the survey, with 179 females and 118 males answering the questions (12 chose not to reveal their sex). Nearly 70 percent were 40 years of age or older. Almost 90 percent had at least some college education.


Here are the questions and responses with multiple votes. Following the questions are comments posted by survey takers.


Complete results can be found on the City of Asheboro website under “Asheboro Land Development Plan Survey.”


What do you like most about Asheboro? (check all that apply).

Topping the list was Restaurants/Entertainment with 63 votes, followed by 44 each for Recreational Opportunities and Shopping while Employment Options and Housing Availability tied with 31.


What do you like least about Asheboro? (check all that apply): Restaurants/Entertainment Options, 58; Shopping, 48: Housing Availability, 47; Recreational Opportunities, 41; Employment Options, 28.


What type of house would you like to be in in the next 10-15 years?: Rural Single Lot Family Home, 75; Detached Single Family on ¼ Acre Lot, 51; Townhome, 17.


What will be the most important factor influencing where you live?: Affordability, 81; Trees, Open Space, 66; Neighborhood, Sense of Community, 65; Close to Shopping/Work/Recreation, 47; Lack of Neighbor, 32; Walkable, 28.


Where would you like to shop?: Locally Owned Business, 86; Downtown Shopping, 73; Mall, 71; Strip Shopping Center, 43; Online, 42.


What transportation mode would you like to see improved?: Sidewalks/Paved Paths, 94; Bus or Van Transit, 61; Greenway, 56; Major Thoroughfare (Roads), 50.


How can Asheboro improve its appearance?: Address Poor Building Conditions, 108; Prohibit Open Storage of Junk/Materials, 78; Landscaping, 64; Public Art, 44; Less/Smaller Commercial Signs, 28.


Where would you like to be working?: Office, 65; Medical, 19: Retired, 17; Retail, 16; Farm, 9; Personal Caregiver to Family Member, 8; Factory, 7; Education, 4; Food, 3.


What should Asheboro invest in to improve the life of its residents?: Economic Development/Job Creation, 79; Recreational Opportunities, 68; Water/Sewer/Road Improvements, 65; Housing, 55; Cultural and Tourism Options, 53.


What type of commercial development should the city support near the zoo?: Services for Travelers (Gas Stations/Restaurants), 67; Hotel, 53; Conference Center, 45; Commercial Recreation, 43; The City Should Not Support Commercial Development Near the Zoo, 35.

How does Asheboro improve the natural environment?: Tree Preservation and Tree Planting Requirements for Commercial Development, 93; Community Litter Cleanups, 66; Open Space Preservation, 64; Require Native Plantings for Commercial Development, 46; Stormwater/Stream Protection, 45.


What will most affect the future of Asheboro?: Population Growth, 82; Megasites, 61; Changing Workforce (i.e., remote or work from home), 44; Zoo Investments, 43; Interstate/Bypass Improvements, 26.


Which area needs investment?: North Asheboro, 67; Downtown Asheboro, 56; South Asheboro, 48; East Asheboro, 47; NC Zoo Area, 34; West Asheboro, 29.




— We need to first invest in the parks we already have prior to large investments to the zoo. I understand we make large amounts of profits from tourism and Sunset is looking wonderful. But the amazing size of parks we have are littered with dirty needles and unkept park equipment. We have the land to create parks like creek side in Archdale, or a green walking space that could include community gardens. We really need more recreation activities for families. Like a children’s museum or something tailored to family affairs. If we don’t first invest in the parks we have and make them fun and safe for our families the zoo will just benefit those that visit. Also, there is a large homeless population in ASHEBORO. It makes me feel unsafe to walk around downtown, we should invest in a program to serve those needs as well. 

— Less apartments, more family housing. Not crowded housing

— There should NOT be a slaughterhouse by the zoo!!

— I believe the city should have better parks, an example of a better park being Creekside in Archdale. Additionally the city should focus on indoor spaces for families, like a children’s museum or indoor play center. There should also be focus on things for older children ... the skate park was too little too late and is now a waste of money. City pools should also be updated and if we’re going to have the rec center, it should have more availability and the pool should be heated better during the winter months. There are tons of places to pull inspiration from such as the High Point and Burlington city parks. Other than park focus, there should be other recreational activities near the zoo and since we’re doing the sports complex we will need hotels and restaurants to fulfill the needs of those travelers, as well as other entertainment venues while they’re here.

— I think it would be great to incorporate a theme park with the zoo. Sort of like Busch gardens for example. 

— Please build a children’s museum like Greensboro’s or High Point’s. Also, add playgrounds for children. 

— We should maintain our established single-family home neighborhoods [as] such, and put new apartment complexes near shopping or commercial areas only. 

— Please do not add development near the zoo. The 64 Bypass has already added noise to our neighborhood that was so peaceful for so many years. Additional development will add crime, more traffic and more noise. The quiet small town is why we chose to live here many years ago instead of Greensboro. Let's keep Asheboro a small town; that is its charm.

— Please consider not over-taxing our current utilities. Thank you!

— The vast majority of Zoo visitors will never visit Asheboro (city). Focus on citizens of the city and put money and effort into making improvements for those people. 

— Outdoor Pickleball.

— Stay out of the existing neighborhoods, take care of existing parks and support small business growth.

— The noise from the 64 bypass has already ruined our peaceful neighborhood we enjoyed for almost 30 years. We hate to see the growth you are planning. It will bring more noise, traffic, crime, gangs and higher taxes. The greed of Asheboro political leaders is going to ruin our quality of life.

— Downtown is becoming a s**t hole … trash and zombies everywhere … it’s gotten so much worse in the past few months … the needle exchange and free Narcan are making downtown a safe haven and it’s getting worse by the day.

— I think you guys are moving in the right direction.

— Making space for great restaurants would help bring $ into Asheboro, especially from those visiting the zoo.

— The roads have not been maintained very well. Patch crews need training. Most streets have been ignored so long that they need to be ground down to be resurfaced correctly. 

— I think we need affordable housing options in South Asheboro near RCC.

— Need more housing near RCC for students to be near college.

— We need better building codes and they need to be enforced, especially in rental units.

— I ask that any commercial development done around the Zoo concentrate on enhancing tourism and travel (restaurants, hotel, events, recreation). We should avoid anything that would indirectly affect the Zoo such as manufacturing, industrial, meat processing, automotive, firing range, shipping/transporting, etc.

— Be careful about too much growth. Water is a limiting factor to consider. Just look at what the area around Las Vegas is dealing with. 

— Stop putting low income housing downtown. The poor that are living there can't support the business/amenities located there.

— Please fight for better retail landscape! Target/lidl/.

— Do more to support small local business growth. 

— Walking trails would be nice.

— Really need to invest in mall, get it up to date with stores like starbucks, hollister, express. just a few examples.

— Affordable housing is a major concern!

— The Sunset Avenue area of downtown should be focused on retail small businesses/restaurants/bars. This is a bad place for Political Party offices and real estate offices.